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Research and Development

Monicon Technology are specialists in the design, development and manufacture of advanced, high quality gas monitoring instruments. Many innovative design concepts in conjunction with stringent quality control systems are used to produce instrumentation which is recognised worldwide as being of the highest quality by many of today's leading international chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Monicon Technology pays great attention to the minutest detail of every product, from its earliest concept through to the initial stages of design and development in both hardware and software, prototype testing and pre-production runs. When a product is released for production Monicon's computerised quality control system ensures that no aspect of inspection or test has been omitted.

At the early design stage of a new product, far in advance of a production run, Monicon's computerised quality control system assigns a unique computerised record to every individual component which is to be used in the manufacture of our instruments. This unique record contains all the important parameters of the component and details of its manufacturer and supplier. This record is then constantly monitored and revised, and if any of the approved manufacturers or suppliers prove to have a problem, they are removed from this computerised list.

When a production run of instruments begins, each instrument is assigned it's own unique serial number by the computer. After assembly, each Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is inspected and tested and the result recorded on the PCB's computer record. The PCB is placed in storage, and prior to shipment to the customer it undergoes another inspection, when it is tested and calibrated and these final results are recorded on the computer

It is only when the computer is satisfied that every inspection and test of each PCB is completed that it will issue a test report for the PCB. This test report is shipped along with each instrument to the customer, and it is his guarantee that his investment will provide many years of trouble-free service.

The computer record on every instrument can be examined on the computer in detail whenever
required by calling up the unique serial number. A computer printout can also be obtained if necessary by using this reference number. In this way, in the unlikely event of an instrument being returned for service, all repair information is recorded on the same computer record for that specific product.

It is because of our exhaustive computerised quality control system that in specifying Monicon monitoring equipment, you can be assured that you are specifying the finest gas detection instruments in the world.

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