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The following is a list of general installation tips.

DO follow the electrical guidlines issued by your national authority

DO use the correct type of cable for the application
DO ensure that loop resistance values are not excessive
DO ensure that the cable is suitable for it’s intended environment
DO avoid major sources of interference when planning cable runs
DO segregate IS and other signals

DON’T exceed maximum cable parameters for IS systems
DON’T run the cable over sharp edges or around overly tight bends
DON’T overstress cable support cleats/ties

Junction Boxes
DO use boxes appropriate to the environment
DO use adequate sizes of field junction box
DO allow for spare ways and future expansion
DO mount field junction boxes at working height
DO mount detectors in accessible locations, at the correct height
DO mount detectors away from contaminants
DO employ a combination sun and rain shield in all outdoor locations
DO remember that water can’t get OUT of weatherproof boxes once it’s inside!
DO employ a weather resistant tag to identify the equipment
DO protect the equipment from paint and other contaminants
DO take steps to prevent water/product ingress through the cables




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