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Gas Hazards - Hydrogen Sulphide

Colourless gas known for its rotten egg smell. Flammable above 4.3% by volume. The density of hydrogen sulphide is 1.19 relative to air (1.0) and although heavier than air, factors such as air movement, presence of other gases and potential release sources are factors to be considered when determining sensor location.

By-product of sulphur based processes and decomposition of organic matter,  the most commonly encountered toxic gas.

Health Hazards:
At low ppm concentration desensitises the olfactory system in 2-5 mins through sodium sulphide formation. Smell appears to go away even in increasing concentrations. Irritates the eyes and upper respiratory tract at 20-50ppm. Attacks the nervous system at intermediate concentrations. Often fatal respiratory paralysis at concentrations over 1000ppm.

Exposure Limits:
STEL: 15ppm
TWA: 10ppm

Typical Applications:
Mines, spring water, petrol processing and refining, tunneling, sewers, shipping, wood pulp manufacture, vulcanization of rubber.

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